Has fear and not knowing how to self-publish kept you from writing your book?

Have you started writing a book but you don't think you have the time to finish it?

Have you procrastinated because you don't feel qualified to write a book?

Well, you will learn the top secrets and publishing hacks in this program.

"Self-Publishing Made Easy"

Wait There's More:

You will also receive:

BONUS #1: Expenses Calculation Template

BONUS #2: Links To Publish & Sell Your Book Fast

BONUS #3: Writing Schedule Planner

BONUS #4: Book Outline Blueprint

BONUS #5: The Ultimate Planning Checklist For Your Event -ADVANCED PROGRAM ONLY

BONUS #6: Save Money with Taxes Cheat Sheet-ADVANCED PROGRAM ONLY


Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Start Writing

Meet The Instructor

Logan Rena

Soulkation University Founder

SoulKation University is all about Self Mastery. We focus on 4 Key Areas:

  • Purpose: What should you be doing with your time & life.
  • Freedom: How can you generate more income using your gifts?
  • Peace: What does it look like to be content in every season of your life?
  • Self-Love: What does it mean to REALLY love & like who you REALLY are?

Each course gives you the Blueprint and Mastery Secrets that will guide your personal and professional life. More and more courses will be released, so stay tuned. Until then, check out Produce Your Own Book